About Us

Cobalt Database is India's first interactive B2B data tool that provides on-demand access to exhaustive corporate level information. The information is constantly refreshed, so you can be assured of the accuracy and relevance of the data.


  • Access to best inclass data
  • Highest deliverability
  • Search by Industry type, city/state, number of employees & more!
  • Create targeted lists using advanced query to find company/contacts
  • Find company and contacts for your sales team
  • Build focussed Marketing campaigns

Cobalt delivers a flexible suite of data-driven solutions that add insight to every stage of the sales and marketing process. Whether you’re developing or introducing new products, entering new markets, expanding your offerings, or mastering new marketing channels, you can rely on Cobalt to help you achieve results. We give you the information, insights and advice to help you target, acquire, manage and retain customers.

To know more about our below services visit us at www.cobaltemd.com

Digital & Interactive Marketing | Promotions & Activations | Rural Marketing | Event Management & Planning

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